Five Ways to Use Twitter For Direct Marketing

Twitter is widely discussed amongst marketers, perhaps too widely discussed in fact. Touted as the next great marketing revolution, Twitter has proven to be a highly effective communications platform, especially for the individual users that make up the vast majority of the user base. However, while individuals control almost all of the real discussion, brands are quickly penetrating the Twittersphere, bringing marketing content and brand-related discussion into the conversation, 140 characters at a time.

For online marketers, Twitter has provided some new opportunities to promote products and services. No matter what your online profession, from affiliate sales to online services such as web design, writing and marketing efforts, Twitter can give you new options to promote yourself and your business. These five suggestions are all based on real Twitter marketing strategies, and all can help you grow your online business.

  1. Tweet offers directly. For some Twitter users, simply tweeting offers to their audience is enough to gain their attention, and potentially their credit cards payments. For some ultra-trusted marketers, using Twitter to directly market to their audience is simple and effortless. However, for smaller brands this technique may fail, as online audiences are generally only responsive to brands that they know very well.
  2. Direct message your followers. Have you got a deal that’s perfectly tailored to a specific follower? Instead of tweeting it out for everyone to see, direct message a follower and offer them something that you think would appeal to them. From online products to discounts on your services, the amount of offers that convert well over Twitter is remarkable, especially when you have built a relationship through tweeting already.
  3. Let your influential followers market for you. If you have got a product that you know will appeal outside your core audience, using your followers to market it can be a very effective strategy. Instead of directly marketing to your followers, offer them something in return for helping you market your services. This could be anything: one-on-one consulting and advice, a free sample of a new product, or even a cut of the sales price. Since you are marketing to your followers’ audiences as well, you are getting a much wider appeal than you normally would from just your own.
  4. Use non-Twitter content to market on Twitter. One of the best uses of Twitter is for highlighting blog content and third-party online offers. While there’s always direct messaging offers, driving traffic to non-Twitter content can often be a much more effective option. 140 characters, while interesting at times, can be limiting for specific marketing offers, making a link a much more effective marketing tool than a short summary. Use your Twitter account to spread your own content, and watch as it reaches new levels of exposure and attention.
  5. Tailor your messages to appeal to big-time Twitter users. Say you’ve got 2000 followers, but you are being followed by someone with 15,000. Instead of just tweeting to your own, design your message so that it appeals to your friends with more online influence. If your tweet gets retweeted by a major Twitterer, you could see your marketing results increase dramatically, all without any additional effort on your part.

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