Discover How Direct Mail Can Send Targeted Traffic Your Website

There are many options to promote your website, such as email, radio, TV and billboards. One method that you shouldn’t overlook is direct mail. Although it may not provide the cheapest option, direct mail can conveniently and effectively drive targeted traffic to your website. It adds to the credibility of your website while preventing problems like click fraud and unsolicited email complaints.

With direct mail, you may control exactly how your advertisement looks. It won’t look different depending upon the recipient’s computer or email software. Your business can hire a printing service or use its own design software and equipment. There are direct mail services that will print and mail advertisements for you. You only have to create an ad and send the mailing list to them via email.

It’s important to optimize your direct mail campaign for maximum impact and efficiency. Simply telling people about your website will yield some results, but you can do much better than this. People respond to targeted offers that call for specific actions. It’s best to use a separate webpage designed for your direct mail campaign. It can send potential customers to the exact offer you seek to promote. This also allows you to track the advertisement’s effectiveness.

If possible, provide a short website URL that people can easily and quickly type in. Use a font that clearly distinguishes similar letters and numbers. It’s best to wait until major search engines have indexed a website before starting an offline campaign. Rather than entering them in the address bar, some people mistakenly search for website URLs. Personalizing your direct mail advertisement will also improve its results. At a minimum, address the recipient by name.

Another advantage of a specific, targeted offer is that it allows you to set a deadline. If potential customers have only a week to take advantage of a special price, it makes them less likely to set aside the advertisement and forget about it. Just don’t neglect to fully consider the amount of time it will take to print the ad and send it to the destination. Some people also don’t check their mail every day, especially if they use post office boxes.

Such campaigns have successfully driven targeted traffic to many different websites, so why not give direct mail a try? The first step is to devise a rough draft of your advertisement, taking into account the paper it will be printed on. Depending upon the size of your marketing budget and the complexity of your offer, you may want to use a letter or opt for a postcard. Next, you can set up printing and delivery.

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