Considering Direct Transfers for Your Timeshare

Your timeshare seemed like such a good idea when you bought it, didn’t it? It was an opportunity for you to have a place in a vacation destination that you love without worrying about the full-time maintenance and care of your own home. However, now you see that sometimes, owning a timeshare is not all that it’s cracked up to be. The fees are starting to climb, tax assessment is getting brutal, and suddenly your easy breezy vacation spot is now just another headache. If this is how you’re feeling, then you should start thinking about how direct transfers of your timeshare can relieve you of this burden.

One of the difficult issues about timeshares is the contract that many people enter into when they purchase them. These contracts make them difficult to sell or return back to the holding company and include a bunch of provisions and stipulations that can feel overwhelming to negotiate. And with the world economy the way it is, it feels like just adding another property to the market will yield little if any results and could leave you dragging in the sales process for years to come.

However, looking into direct transfers might be the right solution for you. A direct transfer allows you to immediately change the title on your timeshare to a third-party company who is then responsible for selling the property. This means that from the moment you sign the agreement to work with a direct transfer firm you are divested of your property and free from all fees and costs, including any fees you have associated with the property and closing fees.

It’s important to note that companies that offer direct transfer options are not real estate agencies. They are transfer companies that work to connect customers with experienced real estate agents while at the same time removing the property burden from the customer. When engaging a direct transfer firm, it is important that you be sure to check and make sure the firm is bonded, accredited, and insured. Unfortunately, in this economy, there are many unscrupulous businesspeople who are trying to take advantage of desperate circumstances. By looking for the key credibility indicators, you can protect yourself and your assets from real estate scams as you seek to divest from your timeshare.

One of the best things about working with a direct transfer company is that it doesn’t mean you need to cancel your upcoming vacation. It is possible to get the ball rolling on the divesting yourself of your timeshare and still enjoying the time at the resort you have accrued. Many direct transfer companies will work in tandem with your resort to ensure that all of your accrued time has been utilized before the transfer takes place.

Owning a timeshare can be a wonderful experience. However, as your financial situation changes, the economy shifts, or your interest in that location changes, you might find yourself in a situation where you’re ready to exit your contract quickly and efficiently. Considering direct transfers is a great way to do just this when you’re working with a firm that is reputable unaccredited. As with all business deals, be sure that you are on your guard when shopping for direct transfer companies and only working with a firm that you feel meets your credibility standards and is a comfortable fit for you. Be sure to research and interview the company ahead of signing the agreement; then once you have found the right one sit back, relax, and appreciate freedom from that responsibility!

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