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Five Ways to Use Twitter For Direct Marketing

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Twitter is widely discussed amongst marketers, perhaps too widely discussed in fact. Touted as the next great marketing revolution, Twitter has proven to be a highly effective communications platform, especially for the individual users that make up the vast majority of the user base. However, while individuals control almost all of the real discussion, brands are quickly penetrating the Twittersphere, bringing marketing content and brand-related discussion into the conversation, 140 characters at a time.

For online marketers, Twitter has provided some new opportunities to promote products and services. No matter what your online profession, from affiliate sales to online services such as web design, writing and marketing efforts, Twitter can give you new options to promote yourself and your business. These five suggestions are all based on real Twitter marketing strategies, and all can help you grow your online business.

  1. Tweet offers directly. For some Twitter users, simply tweeting offers to their audience is enough to gain their attention, and potentially their credit cards payments. For some ultra-trusted marketers, using Twitter to directly market to their audience is simple and effortless. However, for smaller brands this technique may fail, as online audiences are generally only responsive to brands that they know very well.
  2. Direct message your followers. Have you got a deal that’s perfectly tailored to a specific follower? Instead of tweeting it out for everyone to see, direct message a follower and offer them something that you think would appeal to them. From online products to discounts on your services, the amount of offers that convert well over Twitter is remarkable, especially when you have built a relationship through tweeting already.
  3. Let your influential followers market for you. If you have got a product that you know will appeal outside your core audience, using your followers to market it can be a very effective strategy. Instead of directly marketing to your followers, offer them something in return for helping you market your services. This could be anything: one-on-one consulting and advice, a free sample of a new product, or even a cut of the sales price. Since you are marketing to your followers’ audiences as well, you are getting a much wider appeal than you normally would from just your own.
  4. Use non-Twitter content to market on Twitter. One of the best uses of Twitter is for highlighting blog content and third-party online offers. While there’s always direct messaging offers, driving traffic to non-Twitter content can often be a much more effective option. 140 characters, while interesting at times, can be limiting for specific marketing offers, making a link a much more effective marketing tool than a short summary. Use your Twitter account to spread your own content, and watch as it reaches new levels of exposure and attention.
  5. Tailor your messages to appeal to big-time Twitter users. Say you’ve got 2000 followers, but you are being followed by someone with 15,000. Instead of just tweeting to your own, design your message so that it appeals to your friends with more online influence. If your tweet gets retweeted by a major Twitterer, you could see your marketing results increase dramatically, all without any additional effort on your part.

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Direct Marketing List Broker

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Direct marketing is both economical and time saving compared to other form of marketing such as billboards, posters or outdoor promotions. A marketing list contains all the clients and prospective clients of your business that you send direct mails to in form of telephone calls, emails or letters.

You can compile your own list or engage the services of a direct marketing list broker if you can afford. The broker could be one that deals with consumer lists, business lists, residential lists or special group’s lists. They can also be telephone, email or postage specific list brokers.

List brokers do their work by searching and compiling for you all the people and businesses that are likely to be interested in your products and services. He/she is also responsible for sending the direct mails. If you make use of a list broker, you will be much more likely to find a quality list.

Direct marketing is more of getting personal with the potential customer hence choose a list broker with caution. Experience list brokers could do a good work since they are the ones who do the bulk in the marketing campaign. It’s not a must you hire one for the job but you can as well find and buy one from them that they have already compiled.

Once you have acquired a direct marketing list through your list broker, you will be well on your way to finding targeted leads that increase your business and customer base. Marketing lists are sure to help out your business.

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Direct Marketing Essentials – Simple Ways to Calculate and Measure Your Marketing

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The mathematics of direct marketing primarily rests on three key elements:

  • Sales
  • Marketing Costs
  • Contribution Costs (e.g. Overheads)

Now there is no clear-cut balance for these elements as any direct marketing activity needs to be tailored and fine tuned according to each business. This is why I will never state off-the-cuff a direct marketing response rate for any business or industry type as there are significant variables involved such as the product itself, the demand for it, market preference and the nature of the offer.

Another point to highlight is that the mathematics used is underpinned by the belief that the future will be similar to the past. Hence if any variable within the equation changes significantly (e.g. magazine circulation significantly declines), then you have to expect a different response rate.

So to dive straight into it, I’ve listed below a few essential calculations which every small business should use:

Calculating the Allowable Using Your DM Budget

This equation lets you calculate the amount of money you need in order to make one sale. This is really important to know!

Revenue Selling Price: $1000

Minus Costs Production: $500

Overheads: $150

Postage & Handling: $50

The Breakeven allowance is $300 (the money you are allowed to spend to acquire a customer).

NOTE: If your business requires 10% profit, then your allowable would effectively be reduced to $200.

Using the Allowable to calculate your DM budget

So using our allowable recruitment spend per customer x target No. of Sales = $200 x 100

Marketing Budget = $20,000

What happens if you don’t make the sales required?

It is essential to test the market first using a small quantity before rolling out the entire campaign. Typically your allowable is based on what resources are required to acquire a customer already, plus I would expect some form of marketing research carried out in order to understand the size of your potential market. It is also important to include contingencies within your marketing activities if you don’t make the required sales. I always save 10% of my budget if something goes wrong. Or better still, if a potential list I’m targeting returns a huge ROI, then I have a bit left over to chase the money and market these top prospects again.

Measuring Costs, Responses and Sales

Here are a few very simple, yet essential equations to help measure costs, response and sales:

Cost per Unit:

Total cost / Total Quantity = Unit Cost

e.g. $20,000 / 4,000 = $5

Response Rate:

(Total Responses / Total Mailed) x 100% = % Response

e.g. (200 / 1,000) x 100% = 20%

This equation is exactly the same as measuring the Conversion Rate which would be Converted Leads / Total Leads Contacted

Cost per Sale:

Total Cost / Total Sales = Cost per Sale

e.g. 20,000 / 500 = $40

Example: Let’s say you were a travel insurance broker wanting to advertise in the local newspaper to sell premium travel insurance for $500 per person. I’ve listed some assumed sales and marketing costs to acquire a customer:

Advertising Cost: $7,800

Newspaper Circulation: 150,000

Promotional Cost: $5 per lead (e.g. Call centre costs)

Revenue per sale: $500

Total Marketing Cost for 100 leads is therefore: $8,300

The Cost per Inquiry or Sale will vary depending on the response rate, which you won’t know until you advertise. But the main focus on advertising is to achieve a required level of profitability in order to justify the expense. I like to refer to it as measuring the Profit Index. (This is exactly the same as using your allowable to calculate the number of sales you require in order to justify any marketing spend).

Profit Index (%) = Total Marketing Cost / Total Revenue

Profit Index (%) = 8,300 / 10,500

In this instance the Travel Insurance company requires 20% profit from print advertising. If my profit Index falls below 20%, then the advertising is deemed unprofitable. I’m so harsh!

Hence, 21 travel insurance premiums need to be sold to meet a profit index of 21%.

In other words, the allowable DM Budget would be set at $8,300 for advertising in the Local Newspaper.

Using Spreadsheets to Negotiate Spend

If you’ve seen the spreadsheet then you’ll wonder why I’ve highlighted the following cost fields – Ad Cost and Promotional Costs. Promotional Costs are harder to change in the short term, but negotiating advertising costs can be extremely effective. You’d be amazed to discover that by saving 10% of advertising you drive down your Profit Index, which means your advertising dollar doesn’t have to work as hard to acquire customers or sales. In the example used, you would only have to sell 19 Travel Premiums in order to meet the minimum profitability requirements. It also does hurt asking for a trial advertising rate to test the viability of a product in a publication. Some account managers will assist if it means you become a regular advertiser.

There are a couple of examples which the above calculations can be applied to in order to gain some further perspective for your next lead generation campaign.

Lead Generation Conversion Programs

1. Generally the more time you have to qualify an enquiry, the more it costs to generate. For example, if your telesales representative took 15 minutes to convert a prospect, while others may take only 5 minutes, then this will drive your overall costs to acquire a customer, and must be factored into your overheads or marketing costs.

2. Lead generation lists (Prospect Lists) can also support repeat conversion contacts, but you’ll always get a reduced response rate with each effort. For example, if you mailed 1,000 prospects, it may generate 250 leads. The second time you mail the list (minus the 250 leads you generated the first time round), you might get another 100 leads. This means you have generated a total of 350 leads from the prospect list. But we wary that if you use the list too many times then it will get to the point of being unprofitable.

As a general rule of thumb, you should change a portion of the DM piece the next time you mail (e.g. The offer, or a larger discount), as customers may respond to varying aspects of your direct marketing campaign, which is why it is always important to test.

You may hear direct marketing consultants talking about list building, and how much of their time is dedicated to developing a database of qualified prospects and customers. These lists are in fact a key ingredient which differentiate direct marketing from traditional marketing.

But I will say that typically, a list of present customers will respond much better or at a higher rate to a new product compared to non-qualified, or “cold” prospects.

It is also important to point out that while companies always depreciate their expenses over time such as equipment, machinery and inventory, they almost never capitalise what could be their most important asset, their customer. Therefore, small business owners should view their customers as investments and be able to measure and monitor customer data, and capitalise on it for the future.

Just remember that the maths of direct marketing sets it apart from all other marketing disciplines!

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Market Research And What It’s All About

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When you do market research, what are some of the things that you include? Are you looking at the problems or goals that your niche has, or do you go online to find a solution that a lot of people in your niche are having? This is something that you will want to start from.

Market research can take up a wide variety of forms. You can ask your customers about your products; you can run polls on the internet regarding suggestions to make; or you can even start a forum that will help you to assist those who really need your help. So what kind of person do you want to be?

Some of the best market research is done on the internet. You can in participate in forums in your niche, and get a good idea of what it is that your prospects are going through. You can then take this information and use it to deliver products and solutions that will be able to help solve the problem that’s going on in your prospects’ lives.

So what are some ways to get market research from your competitors? Well I’ve thought about it, and I want to share it with you. Here’s the first way to do market research.

1) Hearing from customers

You could send out anonymous surveys and have your customers poll you on different aspects of your business. Quiz them on your product packaging, the product itself, the way the product was delivered in the mail, or even customer service. All of these are ways to get feedback from your customers.

Feedback from your customers are things that you will want to put into use if you want the most effect from your products and services. This is something that has to be put into action if you want the most response in your business.

You can also increase the chances of getting them to respond by offering some sort of gift that you can give to those who respond. This is a great way to get people interested into what you’re trying to say. Here’s another tip for good customer service.

2) Polls

Polls are a fast way to see what works in the marketplace and what doesn’t. This will give you an overall feel of what is preferred and what isn’t. With this insider knowledge, you can modify your products and services to deliver to them the ultimate solution. If this doesn’t make your toes curl, then I don’t know what to tell you!

If you had your own forum, a poll would be good to use. You can instantly get people to poll on what product you should come out with next, what product to get rid of, and what products to stay in the collection.

If you think that you can get a lot of information from your prospects and customers, then go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So keep these tips in mind the next time you want to know the opinions of your customers and clients.

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There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.

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Direct Mail Marketing and Direct Mailing Strategies for Companies Selling Solar Power

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Solar Energy is really moving fast due to so many innovations and new technologies these days. Solar Companies have a huge potential to sell lots of products and save people money on their energy bills and take advantage of tax incentives for alternative energies. Many people do not realize that the Return on Investment for a home or small business solar system is much faster than a decade the prior.

Of course a solar company must get in new customers so they can tell friends because word-of-mouth advertising and a referral network is best form of advertising and marketing. But how do they get these original customers in to buy so they can be satisfied and become believers in solar technologies to tell their friends?

Well perhaps a robust yet inexpensive marketing and advertising program might do the trick. Let me explain; you see, Direct Mail Marketing and Direct Mailing Strategies for Companies Selling Solar Power makes a lot of sense really.

Companies selling solar power equipment, panels and batteries should send out direct-mail marketing pieces to high net worth households within a 25-mile radius and also to all the small businesses in the area. Please consider direct-mail marketing and direct mailing strategies for your solar power company in 2006.

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Direct Mail Strategies For All Business Owners

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If you’re marketing with direct mail, then I think it’s a smart thing to do. Direct mail has been done successfully in the past, and it still works wonderfully till this day. If you’re not using direct mail campaigns to manage your sales and profits, then you have no idea of what this strategy can actually do for you.

Now there are a few obstacles in your way when it comes to marketing your products. I call these “objection”. The first obstacle that is standing in your way is that you’re marketing to everybody. And this is something that you absolutely don’t want to do.

I’m sure you went into a business that had a lot of potential, but when analyzing your targeted audience, you found that this is a very unproductive way to market your products and services.

I know from first hand that you (YOU) need to conquer the problems of marketing your business. Start with your employees and work your way around. Eventually you will be able to see a lot of potential from all of the advertising that you can do for your business.

Just don’t try to juggle around ideas and contemplate too long when trying to make more money in your business. Because time is on peoples’ hands – so go as fast as you possibly can without losing any money in the process.

Let’s take a look at another direct mail strategy that can really bring in the profits for your business.

- Postcards

With a postcard you can do a lot of good in your business. You can reach prospects and customers for a low cost, and your postcard will only cost you like 50 cents to mail out to the world. You could probably go on the internet to look at postcards examples that you can overwhelm you, but it will be a great choice for making more money in your business on autopilot.

Postcard marketing is something that you need to be aware of if you want to stay alive in business. Without unconventional tips like those that I mentioned above (and there is more)… you will stand a lot of chances of making more money in your business like clockwork.

Here’s another quick tip for making marketing and advertising work for you:

- Use a stamp

Instead of using a metered postage, and instead of a big label – use a first class stamp instead. This is one of the final straws that can take your business to another level. With a real live stamp, prospects will open it really quickly as opposed to using brand marketing with all kinds of words on the front of the envelope.

Stick with the steady and slow approach. Make sure you’re using direct response marketing to promote your products, and be prepared when new leads call your 1-800 number, or have them visit your website to receive the free CD or DVD.

Both of these techniques for making direct mail work for you is simple when you put the marketing plan into action. I just hope you guys use this technique when promoting your business.

Good luck with using these tips to have as much success as possible for business.

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David Ogilvy’s Laws of Direct Response Marketing

May 19 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

David Ogilvy was quite simply one of the most famous advertising and direct response marketing men ever. The man was a genius, legendary in the field. In fact, he turned that field upside down many times. In this article, I’ll reveal 12 of his best secrets, which you can use to dominate your marketplace. He revealed these in Paris at a big advertising conference in the 1960s, and thoroughly shocked the entire audience. It’s powerful stuff and, for many of those there, it was a hard truth to face — but it was the truth.

At that historic convention, Ogilvy took the stage and said flatly, “There is a huge chasm between you generalists and we direct marketers. We directs belong to a different world, and your gods are not our gods.” He went on to say, “You generalists pride yourself on being creative — whatever that awful word means. You cultivate the mystique of creativity. Some of you are pretentious posers. You are the glamour boys and girls of the advertising community. You regard advertising as an art form, and expect your clients to finance expressions of your genius.”

Those are his first two points, which I call Ogilvy’s Laws. I suspect the mainstream Madison Avenue types didn’t care to hear this at all, not to mention what came next.

His Third Law was, “We direct marketers do not regard ourselves as artists or regard advertising as an art form. Our clients don’t give a damn whether we win awards or prizes. They pay us to sell products, nothing else.”

Law Number Four: “You must be the most seductive salesman in the world if you can persuade hardheaded businesspeople to pay for your kind of advertising, because I know what this is about. When sales go up, you claim credit for it. When sales go down, you blame the product.” I’ll bet a pin could have dropped in the room and it would have sounded like thunder.

Number Five: “We in direct response know exactly, to the penny, how many products we sell with each of our advertisements.”

Number Six: “You generalists use short copy, we direct marketers use long copy. Experience has taught us that short copy doesn’t sell very well.”

Number Seven, “In our headlines, we promise the consumer a benefit. You generalists don’t think that to do that is creative.”

Number Eight: “You have never had to live with the discipline of knowing the results of your advertising.”

Number Nine: “We pack our advertising and letters with information about the product. We have found out that you have to do this if you want to sell anything.” Truer words were never spoken.

Number Ten: “Act eccentric while you’re young. That way when you’re old, people don’t think of you as going gaga. You don’t think I’m gaga, do you?”

Number Eleven: “Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.”

And Ogilvy’s Law Number Twelve: “Remove advertising, disable a person or firm from proclaiming its wares and its merits, and the whole of society and the economy is transformed. The enemies of advertising and direct response are the enemies of freedom.”

What a powerful speech he gave! What a powerful way to tell them that, “We in direct response marketing have to measure everything we do, and we are found to be successful or unsuccessful in any project based on the end results.” He was telling the Madison Avenue advertising types, “You don’t do this. You just throw things on the screen and make up a nice jingle, and if it works well, you want all the credit. If it doesn’t work, you tell the client their product was no good.”

The advertising executives of his day were probably aghast that one of their own giants was talking to them this way. Even today, Madison Avenue types are smug in their certainty that their way is the only way, and they’re high and mighty about the fancy ads they produce. They like to win awards for having the best-looking ads… but they don’t necessarily care about helping their clients make the most money possible. Style rules over substance in their narrow little world. I wish I could have been there, watching this speech take place, just to see how people reacted as Ogilvy challenged the status quo — especially his contention that they’d never had to live with the discipline of knowing the results of their advertising.

One of the greatest things about direct mail marketing, and DRM in general, is that you can know without a doubt if it worked or not. Now, it’s not good for standard ad agencies to find that out for sure whether or not their stuff works, because many times they discover that what they’re doing isn’t working. But you, of course, want to know if your advertising is producing results. With direct mail you can know exactly how much it costs to produce a mailing. You can analyze your results and determine how much profit you brought in. You can counter that with your fulfillment expenses, and know to the dollar whether that mailing made a profit or not. It’s accountable in that respect, and that’s very valuable, because you must know what’s working and what isn’t.

Another thing Ogilvy pointed out that makes special sense to me was his Law Number Nine: “We pack our advertising and letters with information about the product. We have found out that you have to do this if you want to sell anything.” Unlike other advertising methods, direct mail is specific about the offer or product. Other advertising is light and fluffy, made to look good or fun — but doesn’t do any hard selling. We pack our offers with information about what our products will do for people, and the end results they’ll achieve when they use our product or service. What he’s laid out here is a blueprint for success in direct mail. This is what we do in the direct mail world, and this is why we are successful. He draws a stark contrast between what they do in the creative world of Madison Avenue and what practical marketers do.

Ogilvy was a rebel, and I respect the spirit behind his ideas.

You see, direct mail marketing is basically salesmanship in an envelope. A direct mail letter offers all the best qualities of the greatest salesperson you can imagine. You hone and perfect it, get everything just as nice as you can, and then put it all into an envelope — sometimes just a small one, if you’re using two-step marketing.

The first step is to get people to accept a low or no-cost offer and qualify themselves, then follow up with a bigger envelope with more material in it. Done well, it does everything a good salesman does, and gets the right person interested. It makes them want to know more. It tells the full sales story. It answers and overcomes all the objections the prospect has; and last but not least, it closes the sale. This is every single thing you would expect a good salesperson to do — only cheaper.

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Achieving Great Stock Market Results

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The key is knowledge

The key to making a lot of money in the stock market, or any other trading venue is knowledge. To become an elite trader, you must be proficient in a number of important areas. This includes implementing a successful trading plan, having sound money management, and utilizing proper trading psychology. As you learn each component of success, it will have a cumulative effect on your overall trading knowledge, and of course, your stock market results.

Keep your losses small

When it comes to successful trading, there is nothing more important than sound money management. If you take big losses, not only will you lose your monetary capital, but your psychological capital as well. Keep all your losses small. Get out quickly if the market goes against you. As an example, when I buy a stock, I will never let the price drop more than 10% below the purchase point. If I buy at 50 dollars per share, I am out, no matter what, at 45 dollars per share. Many times I will sell a stock that drops 5% below the buy price. It takes discipline to cut your losses short, but its a must if you want to achieve exceptional stock market results.

Let your profits run

One of the biggest mistakes traders make is to quickly take a small profit. The psychological need to be right, and to feel good is strong. Unfortunately, you will rarely make the really big money following this tactic. Jesse Livermore, quite possibly the greatest stock market operator ever, stated the money is made by sitting, not trading. He said to be right and sit tight. The big money is made in the big price movements, and this generally takes time. There is no reason to close out a position, unless objective analysis tells you to do so.

Determine the general market trend

A major key to success in the stock market is to determine the general trend of the overall market. This can be done by the proper use of price and volume analysis. When you see 5 or 6 distribution days in a 2 to 4 week period, there is a good chance the general stock market will be going through a correction, or maybe even the beginning of a major bear market. Since about 75% of all stocks follow the general market direction, it is imperative to know if the market is in a confirmed uptrend or downtrend. You should only make new stock purchases in a confirmed uptrend. This will really help your stock market results.

Be patient and wait for the right opportunity

Patience is a key characteristic of the world’s best traders. It is important to wait until just the right moment, before taking a position in the market. This means putting as many factors as possible in your favor. All trading is based on probabilities, and you always want the odds on your side, before making a new stock purchase. I will see an opportunity as it develops. I will envision several possible scenarios, and if a stock meets my exact requirements, fundamentally and technically, I will then buy the stock. The ability to buy the best stocks at the best time will really enhance your stock market results.

Proper trading psychology is what makes you elite

Understanding, and then implementing proper trading psychology, is what separates a decent trader from the best in the world. Emotions such as greed, fear, and hope are the biggest enemy facing all traders and investors. In reality, it is not you against the market, it is you against yourself. Once you can effectively control, or better yet, eliminate emotions from your trading equation, you will be shocked at how more and more money seems to accumulate in your trading account. This is because emotions cloud your thinking. To be successful in the long run, you must think and act objectively.

In summary, the world’s best traders and investors utilize a successful trading plan, they practice sound money management, they understand, and implement proper trading psychology. Once you master these 3 critical areas, you too will see great stock market results. You might even make a fortune.

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15 Ways to Rise Above the Competition in Affiliate Marketing

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About 6 years ago, when I first started to explore the online Affiliate Marketing scene, I was blown away by the potential of making lots of money selling someone else’s products with relative ease and hassle free.

You mean I don’t have to come up with any products of my own? I don’t have to build a website of my own or handle the distribution of the product? Sounds great, I don’t even have to worry about the after sale, customer service headaches that come with selling online. This is the perfect business and the best way to make money online!” Or, so I thought.

Now don’t get me wrong, all of the things mentioned above are true and it is a great way to make a living online, but despite what you may have heard in the past, it does take a bit of work and a lot of know how. That’s why 97% of newbies that start in any Affiliate Marketing program fail within the first 3 months and abandon their dreams of success online.

After I had failed miserably at several different online Affiliate Marketing programs, I had to stop and take a serious look at my methods of doing business and try to figure out what I was doing wrong. Most of the products were fine; my failure had nothing to do with the products themselves. But there were several pieces of the puzzle missing and I had to try to find them and quick!

So forget the hype. Do not fall prey to the psychological marketing tactics used by some unscrupulous online marketers out there. There are several dynamics to this thing called Affiliate Marketing and many components and variables that must be considered. Most importantly, you need consistent efforts based on a well thought out plan, which has been proven successful in the past.

I want to talk about one critical piece of the puzzle I was missing. There are a few tools you will need in your business that will in time prove to be invaluable to you, but yet most of them are free and readily available online.

Squeeze Page It is called by many different names, Capture Page, Squeeze Page, Opt-In Page and Landing Page. These are all the same thing. It is a single, short, to the point web page that your potential customers will land on. You offer them something of value and in exchange, you “capture” or collect there contact information before sending or re-directing them to your generic, affiliate website.

Remember in the first paragraph when I said you don’t have to build a website of your own? Well, this is no longer the truth (not in 2008 anyway) for several reasons. For starters, there is a lot more competition now online than 6 years ago. So before sending your prospects directly to your affiliate’s site, you have to offer something of value to your potential customers to entice them to give you their contact information.

Secondly, people now a day are much more leery of being ripped off by unsavory characters online. With this in mind, you will need a way to build a relationship and trust with your potential customers before they will buy anything from you. Having their contact information so you can present your offers to them multiple times, just makes good business sense. The majority of your correspondence with your potential customers should be perceived as value to them. Remember, people like to buy but hate to be sold to!

Thirdly, your potential customers may not be interested in the product you have pitched to them now, but you may have other affiliate products that they may be interested in. If you have their contact information, then guess what? That’s right; you can present other products to them at a later date! If you are promoting an affiliate’s product, just remember that other marketers are also doing the same thing.

If several marketers are advertising the same affiliate’s website directly, without the use of there own URL and landing page, then this will create a problem if you want to use Google Adwords, especially if they are all advertising using Google Adwords. Google AdWords does not allow several affiliates to market directly to the same affiliate’s website. So what’s the work around for this road block? You guessed it, a squeeze page.

So haw do I build a squeeze page? Several free, website builders out there do not require learning or knowing HTML coding. Once you have a builder that you feel comfortable enough with, you can begin to create your squeeze page. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when building your squeeze page.

  • Keep it short and to the point. A good way to gauge the size of your page is by not having to do any scrolling up or down or sideways on your average 14″ computer screen.
  • Leave off the bells and whistles. Please, do not use LOUD colors and distracting graphics. If you are going to use pictures or videos, make sure it’s hosted on a supper fast server. The last thing you need is someone clicking away from your page because it’s taking too long to load and display.
  • Offer something of value to your customers. This could be in the form of an e-book, weekly newsletter, or limited free offer, trial offer or something of this nature. Make it worth signing up for.
  • List only benefits, preferably in bullet form. You don’t have a lot of room, so just stick with the benefits.
  • Don’t try to sell anything or don’t have multiple links on your squeeze page. This is a turn off and can be distracting. Your only purpose here is to get your potential customers to give you their contact information.
  • Don’t ask for too much information. Try to stick with asking for their first name and e-mail address. Most people are very suspicious and hate giving out their information online. If you are in MLM and need phone numbers, then you need to re-assure your prospects that you will keep their information strictly confidential. Personally, if I need a phone number I only ask for it after I have developed a trust relationship with my prospects.
  • Use a powerful Auto-Responder. You will need to have the contact information entered from your squeeze page, seamlessly stored and a response sent immediately to your prospect’s e-mail.
  • Conformation e-mail required. After your prospects enter their contact information, you need to let them know that a conformation e-mail has been sent to their e-mail address and that they will need to click a link within that e-mail to confirm their subscription. This will eliminate those people who might enter a “bogus” e-mail (I know we’ve all done this one in the past). In addition, it’s no fun being accused of spamming, so requiring an extra step from your prospects will reduce this risk.
  • Conduct split testing and track your results. Everything we do as marketers is a test. Just changing the color of your header could make all the difference in the world. Therefore, have two or more squeeze pages and let your prospects tell you which one they like best by their response. Always remember to track your results so you can compare one web page against another.
  • Use attention-grabbing headlines. Now that you got the prospects to your squeeze page, you need to keep them there until they sign up. Make your headline exiting and irresistible. It should grab your reader’s attention instantly. After you have captured your prospect’s contact information, they are then automatically re-directed to your generic affiliate’s website. A good auto-responder should take care of this for you without any intervention from you.

The auto-responder is your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week marketer that never gets tired and never asks for a raise. It will begin to send out a series of e-mail correspondence to your prospects on a time schedule predetermined by you. Once you have built credibility with your Opt-In-List and you have established yourself as an expert, you can begin to promote other affiliate products for sale to your list. You can sell to your list over and over again. Below are a few things to consider before bombarding your Opt-In-List with sales pitches.

  • Don’t sell or rent your list to anyone else. Doing this will violate your trust with your customers and they will unsubscribe in a flash.
  • Consistently send valuable content to your list. This should comprise the majority of your communications to your list as opposed to simply promoting or selling to them.
  • Only promote closely related products. Meaning, you should be promoting products similar to the one they signed up for in the first place.
  • Offer a way to unsubscribe in every correspondence. By doing this, your prospects won’t feel like they are held hostage, they know they always have a way out.
  • Don’t bombard your list with too much stuff! With all the other e-mails that your prospects get every day, the last thing they need is for you to add to their confusion. Pace yourself and have your prospects look forward to reading your correspondence.

So just like a food display in the window of a restaurant that entices you to come in and eat, your squeeze page is the display window to your business, keep it clean and make it inviting!

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